Our 100+ year old private home

Overlooking the natural harbour and port of Habu, 'Habu No ie' was originally built more than a century ago, and lovingly tended throughout the ages. Welcome to the peace and tranquillity of the historic port of Habu.

Habu No ie is in the 'Uenoyama' area on the southernmost tip of Izu Oshima island. This century old house has been faithfully maintained and restored, and is now available to rent. The surrounding area is quiet and serene.

The entranceway leads to an enchanting Japanese style area, and the bedrooms decorated with indigo-based bedding.

Relax and enjoy your stay in our charming, historic, wood framed house. While retaining many of the enchanting features and qualities of the original house,

Peace of mind with the latest facilities.

Habu No ie has sympathetically incorporated modern state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to make your stay comfortable, relaxing and carefree. All basic amenities such as WiFi are available.

Main Facilities and Amenities

Basic amenities are provided. Available facilities and amenities in clude.




body soap

face toel
bath toel



hair dryer

washing machine

BBQ stove